Sunday 19th August 2018 - 02:45
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15th August, 01:52

ReelWorld jingles “perfect” for Radio 2 Belgium

A new ReelWorld custom jingle package has landed on Belgium’s biggest radio station, VRT Radio 2. The 5 new themes combine with the jingles produced at the end of last year to create the 2018 Radio 2 sound. “It was...
6th August, 20:34

The GOLD Standard for Classic Hits

Listeners in the German capital of Berlin are enjoying a rich new sound onradio GOLD, one of the country’s true Classic Hits formats. Bright & positive vocals and real brass instruments in a beautiful jingle package for ‘greatest hits radio’....
30th July, 21:29

Ignite Creates New Jingles for Kingdom FM

Ignite Jingles has created a new set of custom composed jingles for Kingdom FM in Fife, Scotland. Led by Ignite founder Chris Stevens, the seven jingle themes cover a range of music genres including pop, dance, urban and ballads. Themes...
22nd July, 18:45

Crossover Jingles for NPO 3FM

All good things come in threes, and so does the new sound of NPO 3FM, the innovative youth platform of Dutch public radio, where ‘music starts’. As the station stands for musical diversity and today’s music includes many genre crossovers,there...
19th July, 18:48

ReelWorld ONE – July 2018

Radio jingles, imaging , and song intros, updated monthly… from ReelWorld. Always pushing the creative boundaries, ONE CHR keeps pace with the ever-evolving vocal and production styles of pop music. Radio jingles, imaging and logo workparts that let your station...
11th July, 21:10

Ignite Kiss 2018

Brand new from Ignite Jingles – this is Ignite Kiss 2018. Jingles packaged with energy for today’s Top 40 radio stations. Following on from Ignite’s previous two Kiss packages, which are on air across the world, this new package includes...
15th June, 21:21

Antenne Bayern return to Wisebuddah

Germany’s most listened to private radio station Antenne Bayern has once again returned to Wisebuddah to refresh their station sound. Stephan Schöpf – Head of Production/Sounddesign said, “at best, jingles should sound like real hits. Wisebuddah has achieved this excellently....
11th June, 16:47

Original 106 get more from AudioSweets ID

AudioSweets ID are proud to announce our latest jingle package for Aberdeen’s Original 106. The 4-cut jingle suite was designed to refresh the sound of the station, whilst working seamlessly with the existing package. Martin Ingram, Programme Controller said: ‘At...
10th June, 13:56

LFM Audio’s Summer Imaging ’18

A fresh Summer Radio Imaging Package for CHR Mainstream Radio. Hot, Fresh. Scripted & Ready For Air Now. * 18 Imaging Pieces * Customized with your Station Name * Voice Talent/s – you get to choose! * Professionally Scripted –...
6th June, 21:46

N-JOY enjoy new Wisebuddah Jingles

Over a million listeners across Northern Germany woke up to the brand new sound of N-JOY on June 5th, thanks to the launch of a new jingle package produced by Wisebuddah in London. The new sound blends sung vocals with...
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