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Non-Stop Jingles

00:00 - 02:00
Kicking off with 66 jingles in a row, plus demos and montages

Thompson Creative Hour

02:00 - 03:00
Non-Stop classic Thompson jingles!

Demonstration Hour

03:00 - 04:00
An hour of demos from jingle companies around the world

Non-Stop Jingles

04:00 - 06:00
Non-Stop Jingles, kicking off with 66 jingles in a row followed by demos and montages by the JingleMad community.

Copyright TM

06:00 - 07:00
Non-Stop Jingles from TM

Just Jingles in the Morning!

07:00 - 09:00
Jingles over breakfast including the latest single jingle news on the hour.

The Montage Hour

09:00 - 10:00
Nothing but montages created by the JingleMad community

Non Stop Jammin'

10:00 - 11:00
Nothing but JAM and PAMS jingles!

Non-Stop Jingles at lunch time

11:00 - 14:00
Classics and Today's Best Jingles, kicking off with 66 jingles in a row each hour followed by demos and montages.

Music4 You!

14:00 - 15:00
It's nothing but jingles from Music4 and Vibe

Non-Stop Jingles

15:00 - 16:00
Kicking off with 66 jingles in a row, plus demos and montages

Life in the ReelWorld

16:00 - 17:00
Non-Stop ReelWorld jingles!

Non-Stop Jingles

17:00 - 19:00
Jingles, demos and montages!

Quick Cuts!

19:00 - 22:00
Non-Stop under 7 second jingles all evening with single jingles news and weather on the hour

After Dark

23:00 - 00:00
Jingles but not as you know it!

The home of 66 jingles in a row – every hour!

We don’t have a traditional schedule of presenters and programmes – instead we operate like a rolling news service, with the same format each hour, with different guests announcing different parts of each hour.

Listen from the top of the hour and you’ll hear jingle news, sponsor jingle and TOH ident followed by something no other radio station can boast – 66 jingles in a row with yet another randomly created JingleMad JingleMix.

For the geeks, we’re powered by PSquared’s Autotrack Pro scheduler and Myriad playout system (v4) and streaming via Planet Wide Radio with the use of Samcast.

A typical hour on JingleMad Radio looks like this:

:00 UK news and weather from Radio NewsHub

:01 Top of hour jingle

:02 JingleMad JingleMix – 66 jingles in a row

:19 Station song

:20 Demonstration time – 3 jingle demos in a row

:39 Featured jingles

:40 JingleMad jingle montages – user created montages

:59 News intro

All times provided for reference only and can change hour-by-hour depending on the length of jingles and jingle packages used.

Latest Stories
21st September, 11:24

Jingles for 3FM’s Morning Show

Here are new jingles for the morning show with Domien at Dutch NPO 3FM produced by Sonic Spring. Domien was looking for 7 Mini songs that perfectly fit 3FM’s image and playlist and have that unique feel good vibe. Domien...
20th September, 13:42

Ruud De Wild gets Strike Jingles

Holland’s number two rated radio station, NPO Radio 2, commissioned Strike Jingles by Capital of Media to develope an entirely new jingle package for their popular drive time show “De Wild in de Middag”. “De Wild in de Middag” is...
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Non-Stop Jingles
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